Embankment over Soft Clay – Design and Construction Control

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Embankment over Soft Clay – Design and Construction Control
Ir. Tan Yean Chin
Director, Gue & Partners Sdn Bhd
ABSTRACT: The design and construction of embankment over very soft compressible alluvial deposits has
always  been  a  challenging  task  for Engineers.   This  paper  presents  a  set  of  guidelines  for  the design  and
selection of  construction methods  for embankment  taking  into considerations of  safety, direct and  indirect
costs, duration of completion and other cost benefits.  Various commonly used ground treatment techniques
are also briefly discussed.

The  construction  of  embankment  (including
reclamation  with  hydraulic  fills)  over  very  soft
compressible alluvial deposits (e.g. Clay, silty Clay,
clayey Silt etc.) is increasing due to lack of suitable
land  for  infrastructures  and  other  developments. 
The choice of construction method in this formation
is  not  only  governed  by  direct  costs,  but  also  the
long  term  maintenance  costs,  duration  of
completion and cost benefits.
This  paper  presents  brief  guidelines  for  the
selection and design of  the various commonly used
techniques  for construction of embankment on  soft
soils.   General  reviews of  each of  the methods are
made  including  a  discussion  on  their  use,
applicability  and  appropriateness.    The
requirements  for  additional  subsoil  information  or
instrumentation  during  construction  will  also  be

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